How to Write a Manifesto? A lot of folks have been asking us this question.

Let us explain our method. First we’ll cover the basic Manifesto formula. Then we’ll cover how to write a manifesto.

It’s pretty simple. It goes like this:

1. Decide What you Want.
2. Formulate a Plan.
3. Throw caution to the wind and do it.


Write a list of all the things in the world that matter to you. Don’t focus completely on altruistic deeds. Be honest with yourself. Write it all down. You want to base jump off the Eiffel Tower? Write it down. Like making sausages? Gross! Really? But write it down. You’ll thank yourself later.

Take that list. Look at it. Consider it.

Walk away from the list.

Give it a couple of weeks (at least sleep on it). Think about it, but don’t stress, let your brain do the creative work on its own.

The theory – and it’s been proven repeatedly – is that when you think about what you want, you will discover it.

So think about what you are Great at. That thing which you love to do and were born to do. Michael Levine reminded me of this today: when you do something which you lose all track of time during – maybe it’s gardening or maybe it’s tractor pulls – this may not be your Manifesto, but it’s likely that you love this ‘thing’ and that this thing that you love is ultimately connected to your Manifesto.

Be conscious of the events in your life where there are time shifts, where you lose track of time. In essence, find what you love to do, what you care about most in the world and your manifesto will follow.


Take your Manifesto and turn it into an action statement.

“I want to live with the pygmy peoples of Undu Tuwalia.”

Consider the wording. Do you want to just live with the Undu Tuwalians? Or do you want to use your knowledge of ancient cultures to help them discover their connection to their Undu Whuwalian ancestors?

It’s important to examine your true desires. You may need to walk away from your action statement for a bit and come back to it in week or two as well.

It’s okay if the details aren’t too clear right now. Manifestos often evolve during the process of acting on them.


Take your plan and act on it. We warn you, this is the most difficult but also rewarding step.

If your plan is of any magnitude it will likely take great resources, focus, luck, and perseverance to make it happen. This is not a negative thing, but something to be conscious of.

The timing of when you choose to follow your Manifesto is extremely important. But sometimes one cannot wait for the right time. Only you will know when it is time for you.


With the three elements above, you have everything you need to draft your Manifesto.

In fact, all you ultimately need is your action statement supported by your reasons, and a plan to create a solid MANIFESTO.

Good luck on your journey.

If you have a Manifesto you’d like to share with the world, Tell us. We might feature your story in the show or the documentary!